The Best Sci-Fi Tattoos



A truer word has never been spoken. Once upon a time (in a far away galaxy) tattooed people were few and far between. Now, they walk among us. If anything, we have become the very people our parents warned us about.

In Skin Deep presents The Best Sci-Fi Tattoos, we’re taking a long hard look at the ultimate genre for hardcore collectors and obsessives. How far will they go to commit their obsessions to skin? As you’ll find out inside, quite far indeed. From literature to the movies and the imaginations of those who work in this hyper-creative field, anything is possible if your passion is strong enough.

Alongside of this, we talk to some of the premier tattoo artists working in the world today, check in with creators and artists from the science fiction world who are either tattooed themselves or have contributed to the great art in some form and we also travel back in time to take in some history to see exactly what makes this fantastic world tick.

So, from Star Wars to TV and underground cults, from steampunk to Doctor Who, Aliens, Predators and clockwork creatures of fantasy—we bring you the future early.

Will that tattoo hurt? Yes—but in space, nobody can hear you scream.