Tattoo Vixens 2

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Since its very inception, Skin Deep magazine has continued to push the envelope when it comes to providing an alternative to the norm in the eyes of the mainstream media. Now with this second volume of Tattoo Vixens, we're still pushing - and then some!

With volume one of Tattoo Vixens, alongside of the great photography on board, we questioned some of the models over how they were perceived by the world at large and found some surprising answers. In this volume, we take a more petulant approach and have instead opted to have fun. After all, that's what the song said they wanted and what's the point of all the hard work behind the scenes if you can't have some laughs with it in the long term. For the more serious minded and those looking to get involved in alt-modelling on a grand scale, you'll also find diverse interviews with some of the hardest working photographers on the scene right now as they give us a behind the scenes look at what a real photo-shoot consists of along with some of their very best work.

As we continue to wash away the stigma of being tattooed in society, we are incredibly proud to present this selection of women from around the world - professional models, tattooists and pin-ups sit very comfortably alongside of what can only be described as ‘the girls next-door’ in a fantastic expose of what we like to think of as the next generation of Tattoo Vixens!