Tattoo Vixens

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Since its very inception, Skin Deep magazine has consistently offered an alternative to the norm when it comes to the media perception of beauty. Now, with Tattoo Vixens, we’re taking it one step further!

Tattooed women are no longer a carnival sideshow only to be found touring seaside towns. Far from it. They are a large and important part of our mainstream pop culture and can be found as movie heroines, recording artists, TV presenters, producers and writers – the list is long and the list is endless - and as the stigma and negativity regarding tattoos in general has been washed away, we are proud to present this international selection of women who are both serious collectors and enthusiasts - professional models alongside nurses, teachers and academics.

We also spotlight female tattoo artists and some of the very photographers whose work is presented here. They all have the one thing in common – artistically adorned bodies.

You’ll also find each of them interviewed to get a closer insight into what makes them tick, revealing a genuine collection of independent, articulate, decorated women.