Tattoo Dynamite

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At Skin Deep magazine, we get to see some of the best tattoos created across a truly international playground of talent. We thought it would be pretty interesting to compile as much of the cream into one fun volume as we could and now proudly present you with Tattoo Dynamite!

Inside, you'll find some of the greatest tattoos that we have come across during the last twelve months. They come from collectors, tattoo artists and tattooists - some are fresh from the chair, some were discovered at many of the international conventions we attend and others are from personal collections. Tattoo Dynamite provides an enviable time- capsule of what has been popular across the year and one thing is for sure - as fans of the art, we are finding more and more imaginative images to have tattooed on us. Tattoo artists themselves are rising to this challenge by showing us what they're really made of and the places we are getting tattooed are becoming more and more visible as time goes by. It's a world apart from the place we were at even as little as five years ago.