Skin Deep Presents the Best Comic Book Tattoos


There can be little doubt that the popularity of comic books and their related spin-offs are at an all time high right now. This of course, spills over into all aspects of culture and when that happens, you can guarantee that tattooing is never far behind as people seek to commit their heroes permanently to their skin.

In Skin Deep presents The Best Comic Book Tattoos, we scour the length and breadth of many planets to find out just how deep a fans commitment to their comic book heroes may be. From the obvious trains of thought that no doubt slip from the back of recent success stories such as Iron Man, X-Men, The Avengers and Spiderman, we also go deep underground to find those not so obvious.

We sweep from the big guns of Marvel and DC across to indie presses, take in the European scene and look at all levels of popular culture from the fifties coming full circle to modern day interpretations of the genre. One thing is certain, whichever way you approach the subject, each and every comic book tattoo is created out of joy and a sense of belonging.

Inside, you’ll find interviews and features on some of the finest talents in both tattooing and the comic book world alongside of art that will surprise you and, in many instances, bring back memories of characters you thought the world had forgotten…