Our Ethos

We have been working with and within the tattoo community for over 13 years and in that time we have worked hard to earn an enormous amount of credibility and respect. Within this time our portfolio of tattoo related products have grown, as the market has grown around us.

We are now proud to publish several market-leading magazines and bookazines:

We also organise four major calendar events:

We own the UK’s largest tattoo website:

We own the hotel convention accommodation finding website:

Throughout our years within the tattoo industry, we have remained consistent and true to our 5 core values, which are simply:

  1. Educate and entertain our readers
  2. Promote the good in tattooing
  3. Be original and do not replicate
  4. Deliver fantastic products
  5. Offer great value for money

Despite our position - we do not feel that we can instruct or dictate to anyone.  Rather, that after the full information is provided, the public, our customers, are in a position to make the correct decisions for themselves.

To this effect we do not endorse or condone advertisers in our magazine; we do not endorse or condone traders at our events; we do not endorse or condone artists or studios that are associated editorially or financially with our products. 

Businesses that choose to promote themselves through our various products are therefore solely responsible for their conduct with the custom they will gain. It is their duty alone to ensure that they conduct their business correctly, so that tattooing continues to move forward with the credibility it so rightly deserves.