About the Magazine

The UK’s biggest and best selling tattoo magazine! Skin Deep tattoo magazine has been the market leader and in newsagents since 1994. In February 2019 and after 25 incredible years, we produced our 300th issue. 

Skin Deep has been the UK's best selling tattoo magazine since the day it was first published. Outselling the competition by three copies to one, it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. With 13 issues a year, we have plenty of opportunity to bring you the very best articles and features from the tattooing world.

Working with the cream of specialist writers and photographers, every issue we features artist profiles, up-to-date portfolios of work, convention coverage and art related to tattooing in all its forms. We also host a free classified section for studios looking for new artists and support the community with their requests as much as we are able.

Over the years, we have interviewed and featured just about every big name tattoo artist on the face of the planet. From Paul Booth to Kat Von DJeff Gogue to Jesse SmithEd HardyLyle Tuttle and all in between. We’ve also brought in hundreds upon hundreds of artists who are not such big names but are every bit as talented as those with a legendary public profile. The name of the game at Skin Deep is Get Good Ink and our goal is to lay our table with the finest tattoo art we can find.

Regular readers will already know we take an international stance with our approach. With artists once unreachable now working regularly across the world, we join them whenever possible following the trail of gold as we go. from domestic shows to huge international events, if we can be there, we will be. We keep a close eye on great new talent and also our finger in the pulse of apprentices shaking the tree. 

Alongside of this, don't forget we also include our Skin Shots studio listing is also included inside Skin Deep along with our 2 Internationally renowned tattoo shows a year (January’s Tattoo Freeze, May's Great British Tattoo Show in London - you can trust us to keep your inky fingers on the  World's tattoo pulse! You can keep up with us on social media too - here’s some easy links to  facebook, instagram and twitter.

If there’s something you think you’d like to see in Skin Deep that we haven’t already featured, let me know at editor@skindeep.co.uk

By popular request, a little information on contributing material to the magazine: 

Artist submissions: Please label your subject “Artist Submission” and include as many shots as you see fit. Make sure they are 300dpi files of at least 1mb each, remove all watermarks and fire them over to editor@skindeep.co.uk as attachments or via a dropbox link. 

Cover model applications: Please label your subject “Cover Model Submission” and include six of your best shots without watermarks and at a decent enough size that we can see the quality of your tattoos and send them to editor@skindeep.co.uk. We work with professional photographers the whole world over, so if there’s something we like, we’ll be in touch for sure.

General queries: As above, email me at editor@skindeep.co.uk - if I’m in, I’ll respond as quickly as possible, if I’m on the road, not so fast. For work experience queries, please note we have very few opportunities throughout the year, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you. Miracles have been known to happen around here.

Sion Smith • Editor